YURKURA Compost Bin - Indoor Home Organic Waste Bucket - Small & Light Trash Container for Kitchen Countertops


YURKURA Compost Bin - Indoor Home Organic Waste Bucket - Small & Light Trash Container for Kitchen Countertops - Tight Lid for Odor Control, Quick & Easy to Open, Inner Liner Cleaning - Stainless/Black, White/Black, White/Green, White/Blue, White/Gray

YURKURA Indoor Compost Bin for Countertop Organic Waste - 9.9 (l) x 7.40 (w) x 6.8 (h) inches - 25.3 (l) x 18.8 (w) x 17 (h) cm

️ COMPOSTING MADE EASY - The small and compact design of our trash can allows you to place it on your counter. This makes it easily accessible and makes composting much more convenient!

♻️ EXCELLENT ODOR CONTROL - Our garbage can is designed with a tight lid in order to effectively seal the stench inside. You don't have to worry about stinky smells wafting around your kitchen!

♻️ STYLISH DESIGN - It's not just effective; it's stylish as well. Our kitchen trash can comes in a neutral shade of white and blue. The minimalist design is sure to complement your kitchen.

♻️ HASSLE-FREE UNLOADING - Our countertop compost bin with lid and the inner bucket are made from light plastic. This makes our bin easy to lift, carry, and empty out in your outdoor compost pile.

♻️ NO-FRILLS CLEANING - Keeping our compost trash can clean is pretty easy. Simply wash it with soap and water then wipe it dry. You can also leave it turned upside down and let it drip-dry.

Tired of bringing out organic waste materials out of your home every day?

Composting is a noble endeavor, but it’s also quite inconvenient for many people. Having to walk out to the backyard to drop a single banana peel into the compost pile doesn’t sound practical at all. Besides, compost piles tend to attract creepy critters,

Using a compost bin can surely help with those issues. But you don’t want just any other compost bin. You want something small and compact; one that’s easy to haul and empty out. It should be accessible as well so you’ll have no more excuse for not composting.

Start composting and create an eco-conscious household with our YURKURA Compost Bin.

Our compost bin is specifically designed for indoor use. Its small size allows you to collect at least a week’s worth of biodegradable kitchen scraps so you only need to take it out during the weekends. How convenient is that?

Because of its size, you can let our compost bin sit right on top of your kitchen counter and make it easily accessible. And don’t worry, it won’t look out of place. The stylish design ensures that it blends well with your kitchen’s surroundings. Plus, the compact size makes sure that it doesn’t get in the way of your cooking.

A compact countertop compost bin can do a lot in helping make composting a daily habit. Get the whole family involved in recycling organic waste and start living “green”!

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to love our compost bin:

️ Easy-open

️ Durable plastic construction

️ Perfect present for eco-warriors

Size: 9.9 (l) x 7.40 (w) x 6.8 (h) inches - 25.3 (l) x 18.8 (w) x 17 (h) cm

Make composting much easier and more convenient. Add the YURKURA Compost Bin to your cart TODAY!

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